jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2014

communities, private and public group events.

Labor Day in Philadelphia and America is one of the most popular activities day for families, communities, private and public group events. The day actually celebrates the honoring of the worker or working people across the country and their valid contributions to society. For many people living in America, they familiarize this day (the first Monday in September) with the approaching end of summer and the opening of the new academic school year. In Philadelphia, there are a number of places and events of interests throughout this Federal Public Holiday.
There are the Sesame Place Theme Park, the Historical Bus Tour of the Districts and Center City, Independence Park (Home of the Liberty Bell, Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia, PA). There are the Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly and the Philadelphia Convention Center in the Center City Area of Philadelphia, just to name some of the great places and events. However, someone planning for a day (or week) out in Philadelphia can make a little or big impact on this day if they plan in a very special way and checkout some specific places of interests to get the most satisfying visit from this historical city.

You can do your own investigations by checking Vacations Made Easy, for example, at www.vacationsmadeeasy.com and use the key search word Philadelphia, PA. You will discover vacation tour packages like the Sesame Place Theme Park Package, best of Philadelphia Comprehensive Vacation Package, Philadelphia Sightseeing Tour Weekend Getaway and others very attractive deals. Inquiry and bookings can be done in advance for desired results. The cost varies and will depend on such factors as the number of people in the group, the length of the visit, special requirements and others.

When visiting Philadelphia for the Labor Day, the weekend or other chosen special times, there are some additional interesting places I would like to mention. Although I have not received the honor of seeing the world-renown Philadelphia Orchestra performance, for the music lover, to see them will be an evening of First Class Event. I am not the gifted music type who understands and reads music notes, but I do know and like to hear music in excellent harmony. I believe, if you love real eloquent classical music you will not be disappointed. Then there are the Public Parks. Some say, in Philadelphia at a Glance, that the City has the world largest municipal park; the best collection of public art and the widest variety of urban architecture, and so much more. See www.expediaguides.com Philadelphia at a Glance for much more details. Families often picnic in the Parks of Germantown with pleasure. So you can visit and see for yourself.

Then there is a walking tour of the City hosted by a National Park Service guide from connecting with the Independence Visitor Center. Then there are the City Tavern (or, should I say Taverns since there are some good ones). At the Taverns, good dining are offered. In fact, Philadelphia out door dinning areas in Center City, in particular, are well known for their friendly and courteous services. You will enjoy a visit. If you prefer, there are the waterfront restaurants and popular events at Pens Landing near the Philadelphia/New Jersey States border. Not to be ignored, the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Ben Franklin Parkway is available.

In addition, there is the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for art lovers or just those who appreciate arts of different dimensions. There is also my favorite, the Reading Terminal Market. I love food and that is why this place is special for me. I believe you too will like it. There you can get cheese steaks and soft pretzel that should be good. But popular ice cream flavors , special choice chicken meals, variety of sodas, and wine (if you prefer) and many, many others are available. Reading Terminal Market is very near the Philadelphia Convention Center and Septa Trains/Transport Terminal, near Market Street and 12th Street vicinity. This is a really great classic first class place to visit in Philadelphia.

Importantly, some will say the crime or violence in Philadelphia is not too good for the city image. But, I believe, that will not prevent historic city enthusiasts from enjoying their visit. In fact, Major Street and Governor Rendell would very be disappointed if visitors overlooked the fact that the city crime is earnestly being dealt with. With this fact in mind, visitors and City Residents alike, must not allow a few unruly people to prevent others from living and enjoying the pleasures of the City and surrounding beautiful places. I certainly agree with this point.

Therefore, there are many places to go and events of great interest in Philadelphia this Labor Day and at other times. Only some of the many interesting places and events have been presented for your attention. I believe some personal planning, research and advice on the part of the public will result in the discovery of a great City with elegant places and people acceptable to their requirements. So please plan your visit and enjoy the trip. Philadelphia and Pennsylvania will most certainly welcome you.